It’s all about PEOPLE

We are not just coders, engineers and designers.
We are people, and Devana knows this well.  

Devana knows that it takes a certain kind of person
to be part of a team and keep it running fast and efficiently
while both having fun and feeling fulfilled at the same time.

Because it is not only about the work – it’s all about the people.


We work hard in the areas we know well, and we push ourselves
to learn more and excel in areas which are less familiar.
The challenge is always on us – to take on the hard jobs
and come out on top.  

Devana gives us room to learn and grow.  

DAY ONE: Starting out

“When I first started here, I was amazed at how people welcomed me on board. I started out on a trial basis, like everyone else, working in the support sector and learning a lot about everything that we do here at Devana.”

“After my trial was over, they offered me a position doing exactly what I wanted to do! I push myself hard and Devana sees it. This is where I can really find out the full extent of my abilities.”

“The company doesn’t work with a strict hierarchy – anyone can talk to anyone about any subject. This is incredibly helpful because that way no one ever feel lost in the woods or alone. It is a genuine team atmosphere.”

“I couldn’t believe how open they are about everything. We can know how the company is performing, how much we are making, how Devana is growing. There are no secrets or closed doors at Devana. When we make the team, we are a part of everything. This makes me feel safe and secure.”

“It is easy to see that Devana cares about us. We are given a lot of space to learn and grow on our own, but they also bring in experts to give talks and seminars for us to learn. Devana wants us to be the best we can be. And I am always ready to learn."


At Devana we think work should be joyful.

  • Transparency: removes the distraction, negativity, and fear. Learn more about our radical transparency.

  • Study, learn, improve. Learn from experienced collegues or access the Devana Library.

  • Your future in your own hands - participate in creation of new products from start to launch and beyond.

  • Life is full of surprises so we made work flexible. With clear goals in view, find the rhythm that suits you the best.