The future aint what it used to be.

Once upon a time, people would plan a career for life. Our parents did that, and their parents did it too. A career was a way to predict the future. These days, the future is next year, or the next, or tomorrow morning. Devana knows that a career in the 21st century can be an uncertain thing.

Devana brings back more predictability into the mix. As part of the team, you know what you are doing and where you are going. A Devana career is built from your own work, your imagination, and your personal goals and ambitions.

Devana wants you to follow your dreams, present your thoughts, and express your ideas. Each can open, at any time, new possible career paths for you, and Devana will support your journey as a part of the team.

Devana works on two fronts at this moment. Through our main product, ManageWP, we are touching the lives of people on all seven continents, helping web professionals in almost every country in the world be more efficient in their work and better provide for their families; we have even reached Antarctica and we regularly help a polar weather station manage their website.

Would you like to work on a software that makes million requests a day? Our technology stack consists of Symfony, Node.js, AngularJS and AWS (we are an Amazon Web Services Technology partner).

Our second front is Devana Labs where innovative new ideas in the fields of software and hardware are being developed. Learn more about Labs Projects.

Work on
your own dream

Don't just write code for money, put your brain on full power; we present you with the opportunity to have your ideas executed - ranging from features within our product line to full products.

Learn from
your mistakes

You can't take chances and make bold moves if you don't make mistakes. We foster an environment where you're encouraged to make mistakes faster and learn from them. Feel free to experiment and go outside your comfort zone.

We build our own products.

Talent and commitment are a priority.

What do you get?

Being in an entrepreneurial environment with a competitive and fair compensation system, our unique mix consists of:

There are currently no new job openings at Devana Technologies.
But, take a look at Devana Labs positions.