3 reasons for being unusually happy at work

Employee Stories

I joined Devana Technologies to be a part of a team that created ManageWP, a super-amazing dashboard where you can manage multiple WordPress sites.

After more than 2 years with the company I am glad that I made that choice. Although I still work on ManageWP my list of duties grew over time to cover our day to day operations, system engineering tasks and people development and hiring.

I feel like I grew a lot working here and there are many reasons I am happy that I am part of Devana, but I will try to extract just a few.

Globally Relevant

We believe in creating globally recognizable products and brands. We know how hard it is to play with the Big Boys on the global market and we know that the only way for us to stay relevant is to create amazing products centered around the needs of our users. Although we are a small market team we are able to make amazing things because of our teamwork and dedication. Sometimes I like to compare us to San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. devana If you want to create your own products and experiment a lot – then this is the right place for you and the learning curve is just amazing. The bar we put on ourselves is extremely high and our engineering team is one of the best engineering teams of which I know. I have complete faith in them to build products we are proud to sell.

Team and Culture

I worked for a number of companies. All I can say is that this is the best team I was a part of.

I was an employee, co-founder and founder, but I never enjoyed coming to work as much as I do at Devana.

Here I have a chance to work with passionate people who believe in creating both great products for our users and in building a better life for their co workers and their community. It is hard to match their resolve.

We all try to experiment with different approaches as much as possible and are not afraid to make mistakes. This is why utilize a concept of Radical Transparency in our business. We believe that this transparency removes distraction, negativity and fear so we created a working environment that encourages honesty, accountability and innovation.


Working with these people can be hard sometimes. They are all talented, devoted to their work and you need to be at top of your game to keep up with them. Sometimes I wish I was able to clone myself just to get things done.

Paying Forward

Here at Devana, we believe that Serbia can be a country in which we and our children will be proud to live. For that reason, we want to help build the ecosystem with sufficient entrepreneurial opportunities for generations to come.

We invest our time and resources into our environment through our “Zivojin Mišić foundation” and by sponsoring entrepreneurial, educational and engineering events and meetups.


We closely collaborate with local universities and student organizations, such as AIESEC, BEST and ESTIEM and try to support them as much as we can. This also proved to be a good hiring practice and we have a number of employees that decided to join our cause after visiting one of the events we sponsored or working with us through their student organization.

Our Open Library project helps future entrepreneurs, product builders, marketers and engineers by providing them with over 150 books eager to be read and that number is constantly growing.

All these reasons make me feel happy when I get up in the morning and go to work.

The key to work – life balance is finding a place where you do not want to separate the two.

I found mine, hope you will find yours too.

If you feel that Devana is a good place for you too – stop by our Careers page and apply for a job or an internship.