Operation Tampa – Meeting Our Clients


Let me share a secret with you - everything starts with your clients. So we went to Tampa, Florida, to talk to our clients and figure our how to help their business grow, so we could fund our project to send a rocket to the Moon.

Last month our COO Ivan Bjelajac and I went on a business trip to Tampa, home of the Buccaneers, Rays and Lighning. Our destination was a bit different – we went to WordCamp Tampa.

What is a WordCamp? An official explanation says that it is an informal, community-organized event that is put together by WordPress users. For us it is an awesome place where you meet people who share the same passion and talk to them about… everything.

Everything? Well, we talked about WordPress, business, products, development, bright ideas, food, culture, Serbia, ocean, boats, cars, beers, iPads, life; yes, everything. But the most important thing we talked about are their needs and how we can support them.

As soon as we booked our plane tickets, I got in touch with our Tampa users and invited them for a drink in a local tavern to meet in person and talk shop.


Invitation for a drink

As a part of the ManageWP Customer Happiness team, I had great pleasure from being recognized and appreciated by our clients:

I know who you are, we talked a couple of months ago.

You guys are really doing an amazing job, you are going into psychology and showing deep understanding of your customers and our needs.

You literally save my time and I spend it with my family.

These comments made me smile all day. In the best possible way, it made me understand the importance of many nights that we spent working on certain issues that our clients were facing at that point of time.

It also helped me better understand their needs. The most valuable question that I was asking them was – How can I help you improve your business? It opened my mind for new ideas and gave me very interesting insights about our product.

Ivan @ ManageWP Booth

In our team, it’s never about numbers, it’s all about people. Thanks to the statistics, we can justify our good work; but the real perception of our influence comes from direct communication with our clients. I was lucky enough that the feedback was super positive and that I had a chance to hear it in person. And to visit the beautiful and sunny Tampa, of course :)

If you’re interested in joining our team, read more about what we do and check our Careers page.