Philip and Petar

My Time at Devana Technologies

Internship stories

Devana not only lives up to how they explain “Life at Devana”, they surpass it in reality. In my experience, these are very rare qualities that exist in the working world today.

When I was given the opportunity to work at Devana, I was ecstatic.  For two main reasons – It’s in Serbia, and the job is awesome.  It is hard to find a company that exist in the world today that has what every employee looks for – genuine comradeship, teamwork and an awesome work environment.

Speaking of work environment, the extent that Devana goes to make the employee feel at home is very impressive and comforting.  They feed you breakfast and lunch through a catered service.  If you do not know anything about Serbia, they have the best tasting and most healthy food in the world.  For me, when I was made aware of this, I was sold!

The hospitality and culture that are outside on the streets and in the homes of Serbia, are in the offices of Devana Technologies.  I personally believe this is the best part, as it is indoctrinated into the work culture as well.

Lunch at Devana

Devana not only lives up to how they explain “Life at Devana”, they surpass it in reality.  In my experience, these are very rare qualities that exist in the working world today.


The culture at Devana is one, that in my experience, is virtually non-existent anywhere else.  You are given the freedom to work without anyone looking over your shoulder, and generally when employees are given a sense of freedom, they contribute more extrinsically and intrinsically – known in the business world as productivity.

Culture at Devana Technologies

I believe the Devana culture should be one that any great company should model after.  If you keep your employees happy, then they do not just do the bare minimum to get by, they always go above and beyond!  When this happens, the customer wins, and by default, the company wins! Devana has taken this unorthodox approach, and they succeed.

The Experience

The experience I have had at Devana Technologies has been a great one.  I came here to review the proficiency and accuracy of the Business English of the documentation currently in place and on outgoing correspondence (tickets) – overall, it was quite accurate.

I updated the website’s User Guide and all of its sub-components in this respect (i.e. Sales FAQ, General Questions FAQ, Known Issues.. all of the links on the website), and day-to-day helped with any questions that arose about the correct use of English in the context at hand.  The people of Devana and ManageWP certainly have a much better understanding the “hows” and “whens” of using the English language.

Philip and Petar

When I was not doing this, I was learning the basics of computer code and programing language, thanks to taking 20 hours of online courses. The courses were quite frustrating at times, as they were very logical and sequential in nature.  But, at the end of completing them, it was very rewarding.

I also learned how to build and manage websites.  Something, I have always been curious about, and Devana fulfilled the answer to that curiosity for me.  I have learned more from Devana this past month than I could have ever imagined.  One of the most rewarding experiences in my  life.

Final Thoughts

I am new to the “Tech Industry”, I have never done this work before.  Until the early part of June, I have never in my life typed a line of code, or even knew how to build a website.  I managed to learn this in only a few weeks.  Am I an expert?  By all means, absolutely not.

However, how Devana is designed from the type of people they employ to the strategies of teaching new people what they need to know to be part of the Devana team, it is as great as Devana itself.  The only thing that makes any company great, are great people, and they are here at Devana Technologies.  I am very appreciative of the opportunity to have worked here, meet such awesome intelligent people, be part of the team and spend amazing time with them!

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