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Careers: Front-end / Interaction Designer


We’re looking for the people who are aware that design is more than aesthetics, but also for someone who knows what's usable and doable from the development point of view. Come, join us!

Are you a skilled Front-end developer with a strong focus on user interface and interaction design?

Here at Devana Technologies, we’re well aware how important the intertwined relationship of design and development is for all the things we’re doing. We need someone who will bridge that gap; someone who loves sharpening his skills in new front-end technologies, but also dedicates time to responsive design techniques, pixel perfect design implementation, and thoughtful interactions.

We’re looking for people who are aware that design is more than simple aesthetics and who know what’s usable and doable from the development point of view; someone with experience as both front-end developer and user interface designer, who knows what makes the customers happy.

Are we hunting for unicorns? Since our hiring process is very specific and built within our company for a few years already, the candidate is required to have a broader area of product design and development expertise.

We call it Front-end Designers, but you can find them in various organisations doing jobs of Interaction Designers, UX Developers or even just simple – Front-end Developers.



Be working on a range of premium products that the company is developing mainly for the global market. The biggest focus will be on our ManageWP and products that we are building at the moment.

You would be implementing design mockups, with special attention to tiny design details, responsive behaviors and thoughtful interactions. You will be responsible for pushing our design implementation to the limit and to suggest and analyse how it impacts our customers.

The key requirement is an understanding of what we’re trying to build here together, and to communicate well with our design and development team.

You will also gain experience from a business point of view, which will help you create an even better product experience for our customers.

You have:

  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in UI Design and Front-End development field.
  • Portfolio showcase which includes both nice looking mockups and thoughtful interactions packed up with well written code.
  • Understanding of a UX Design as a broader process which includes multi-disciplinary team members.
  • Expertise in creating prototypes and turning sketches and design mockups quickly into a something you can present to the rest of the team.
  • Excellent collaboration skills and ability to communicate with various departments and team members, especially to explain, track and analyse your design and development decisions.
  • Demonstrated comfort with an iterative design process that includes accepting (and giving) feedback and constructive criticism from other team members, as well as our customers.
  • Experience in widespread design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, but as we do not settle for just a one tool to fit all of our needs, we hope that you’ve heard about Sketch, InVision and many more.
  • Experience in front-end development (experience with AngularJS is a plus)
  • The will for solving problems with responsive design, enjoy doing interactions, and have basic understanding of front-end application performance

Devana Office

Surprise us with:

  • Real life experience in full cycle product design and development.
  • Understanding of research and usability studies.
  • Creating and implementing design style guidelines.
  • Sketching interface, user flows and interactions quickly on the whiteboard / piece of the paper.
  • Website you’re looking at have a lot of place for improvements. Feel free to suggest something.
  • You’ve heard of EdgeConf and
  • An awesome project you’ve worked on.

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