Frontend developer @ Devana

Careers: Front-end / JavaScript Developer


We are looking for a Front-end developer who will work on finding ways to make the application highly maintainable and scalable. If it sounds interesting to you, let's talk.

We’re well aware how much loading speed and perfectly executed Front-end can improve overall customer experience.

I had a great time waiting in the queue!
– no man ever.

Here at Devana Technologies we want to build products people will enjoy using, so you will need to learn new stuff on a daily basis.

The Web of tomorrow will be drastically different from the Web of today and it might be your job to understand what that difference means to our web applications.

Development @ Devana


Be mostly working on our single page applications and accepting responsibility for “View Source”.

If you choose to grow and thrive in this role, you’ll work on performance issues and finding the best solutions for given problems. Find ways to make the application highly maintainable and scalable.

You will actively participate in architecture improvements, process improvements and tools evaluation and will also troubleshoot and resolve issues received from feedback from our customers.

You have:

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript and ability to learn at the root, not the abstraction (Javascript before jQuery).
  • Experience with JavaScript libraries (AngularJS, jQuery, lodash, etc.).
  • Experience with debugging and profiling.
  • Experience with responsive design.
  • Experience with dynamic style-sheet languages (LESS or Sass).
  • Demonstrated comfort with an iterative product process that includes accepting (and giving) feedback and constructive criticism from other team members, as well as our customers.
  • Strong focus on customer needs and satisfaction.
  • High standards when it comes to application speed and usability.

Surprise us with:

  • Experience with build tools (Grunt, Gulp, etc.).
  • Keeping up with the constantly evolving technologies (ES6, AMD, CommonJS, etc.).
  • A strong attention to detail and a sense for good architecture.
  • Understanding the importance of accessibility.
  • An awesome project you’ve worked on.

Want to work with us?
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