System engineer

Careers: System Engineer in a DevOps team


Are you a rising star System engineer seeking the opportunity to juggle between software development, scalability, automation and system performance? This might just be the right place for you.

Are you a Linux geek obsessed with system performance?

See, we have this crazy, thrill-seeking goal to launch a rocket to the Moon and we want to build this rocket on top of success of our SaaS products. Sounds a bit crazy, I know.

You could be one of the guys that will take us to the top. We need a System engineer with strong desire to learn about High Scalability and Availability, to automate tasks via Ansible and to take Amazon Web Services management challenges head on.

Did I mention you will be one of the guys in charge of building a brand new high-end premium hosting company? Sorry, that kind of just slipped my mind.

We try to innovate a lot and that can cause us to break a few things along the way. This is why we’re very well aware how much system administration and development relationship is critical in order for our servers and applications to run smoothly.

Are we hunting for unicorns? Since our process is very specific and built within our company for a few years already, the candidate is required to have a broader area of expertise with different tools and services.


You will:

First of all, you will serve as a primary point of contact for the availability, scalability, and performance of our server infrastructure.

If you choose to grow and thrive in this role, you’ll work collaboratively with our software engineers to deploy and operate our systems. Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations.

You will actively participate in activities such as architecture improvements, process improvements and tools evaluation.

You will also troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test and production environments.

You have:

  • Strong understanding of Linux/Unix Administration. Preferably experience with Debian/Ubuntu.
  • Experience with Nginx & Apache.
  • Experience using virtualization technologies.
  • Experience with configuration management tools to automate server’s management and scaling. Preferably Ansible.
  • Ability to learn and implement new technologies fast.
  • Ability to communicate with various departments and team members, as well as explain, track and analyse your system architecture decisions.
  • Demonstrated comfort with an iterative product process that includes accepting (and giving) feedback and constructive criticism from other team members, as well as our customers.
  • Strong focus on customer needs and satisfaction.
  • High standards when it comes to website or application speed and usability.

Surprise us with:

  • A list of projects which doesn’t only include high traffic applications, but also description of the process and the work you’ve done.
  • Ability to take a complex system apart and quickly figure how it works and how to best optimize it.
  • Extensive knowledge of monitoring systems.
  • Experience with Amazon AWS stack (EC2, EBS, S3, ELB, Elastic Cache, VPC…).
  • Experience with management of MongoDB or MySQL DB cluster.
  • Deep understanding of the full web stack and how every layer works from browser caching to Memcached.
  • Experience with server and application security.
  • Being able to configure and maintain Postfix as MTA in a high traffic environment.

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