Careers: Growth Engineer


Growth engineering is not a paint-by-numbers game. It takes a lot of creativity, empathy and analytics to succeed. Do you have what it takes?

Forget about the traditional concept of marketing, you’re not here to shoot commercials and push products. Your mission is to find out what your users need, figure out how to help them, and let them know about your solution.

Sounds easy? It’s not.

Growth Engineers rely on ideas, not money. There are countless creative ways you can help your company grow, and you need to figure them out instead of simply throwing money at a problem, hoping it will disappear.

I fight for the users!

This is the rallying cry of Growth Engineers, and your greatest ally is data. You are part marketer, part web engineer, which helps you make data driven decisions.


Find your job to be quite exciting, as the Universe will constantly throw unique and creative challenges your way. You need to fully understand your product and your users, because you’ll be involved in every step of the development process. You are the champion of the users, responsible for keeping your team focused on the objective – growing your user base, and growing your revenue.

You will live by the motto of John Cena, and overcome all obstacles.

You’ll turn users into brand advocates. You’ll think of creative ways to communicate the value of your products. You’ll shape the identity of our brand. You’ll collect and crunch data that will help everyone make informed decisions. You’ll perform A/B tests on anything and everything. You’ll tackle SEO & SEM. You’ll be the mediator and translator between the team that wants to build awesome things, and users that need their problems solved. You’ll have people reading the John Cena article on Wikipedia, because you know how to steer people’s attention in the right direction. Sneaky, right?

You have:

  • The tendency to think out of the box.
  • Marketing skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Mad English skills.
  • Understanding of web development and system administration concepts.
  • A strong sense of professionalism, and respect for deadlines.

Surprise us with:

  • Coding experience.
  • Design experience.
  • Copywriting experience.
  • Web analytics experience.
  • An active blog.
  • Experience with product launches.
  • Proficiency in multiple foreign languages.
  • An awesome project you’ve worked on.