Leadership lessons from maestros

Company Culture

Great conductors appear to have mastered the art of leadership. What can we learn from them?

Music conductors have been leading large groups of people of very different backgrounds to incredible audible performances for centuries. Can modern leaders learn something from this ages-old craft?

I stumbled upon another inspiring TED talk by Itay Talgam that I wholeheartedly recommend watching. I devised some key takeaways for leaders below.

Key takeaways

  • The role of the leader is to spread happiness in his team
  • Less control is good; let people develop
  • Make the rules clear, so you do not need to interfere
  • Authority should be there when needed
  • Enjoy when somebody performs outstandingly
  • Give everyone an opportunity to be the storyteller
  • If you truly love something, give it away

Feels natural? It should.

(and for ten more then can be put into the context of company leadership, check out these commandments by the famous composer Richard Strauss)

When you listen to a magnificent piece of music like this, who do you owe the performance to? The conductor? No, he is there to inspire (sorry leaders, it is not about you).

Perhaps the orchestra? No, it is there to reveal their skill and creativity. Maybe the crowd? No they are there to feel and cheer. The composer? No, was only dreaming a dream.

And yes, at the same time to all of them together.  It is in the humility, the unity and the harmony of all these factors that produces a musical mastery. Think about that when you think about your business next time.