The Book on Entrepreneurship that Changed My Life


The only thing that we need to be successful in life is inspiration. Why? Because there is really no limit to our potential. Read more about the book that inspired me.

Although I read a lot (you can find my recently read books reviewed on KeyTakeways) I do not have a top 10 list of best books on entrepreneurship I’ve read.

Instead, I have just one book that I owe almost my entire business ‘luck’ to. It is called “Rich dad, poor dad” and it was written by Robert Kiyosaki.

I’ve read it in 2007, aged 31. I was still having a job at the time, but after I read this book something started happening inside me. I was getting uneasy as the book carried a simple, but powerful message.

Everyone has the (financial) freedom to decide for themselves what they want to be in life. In other words, no one else is an authority on your (business) potential.

And my dreams were big. Like sending a rocket with a Serbian flag to the Moon big.

It was just that I never thought about how will I ever going to realize them if I kept doing what I was doing at the time. I had big goals that I wanted to achieve but in reality I was doing very little to get my self closer to them. It was a textbook case of insanity.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

When you think about that, and then realize that we have been given to live only this very tiny fragment of time in the grand scale of things, you gotta ask yourself – are you wasting it?

This book did not teach me how to be an entrepreneur, and that wasn’t its purpose. It did something far more important, it inspired me.

It gave me an insight into this whole new and previously unknown world where you are the one who decides what happens next. It is not the government, or the system, or your parents, or your teachers, or your friends. It is really you. My oh my, what a mighty revelation that was.

This newly found understanding of how things work really hit me like a train largely because I grew up in a country where entrepreneurship was not only virtually non-existent, but suppressed (ex-Yugoslavia was under socialism, like many other Eastern Europe countries at the time).

Our parents were not able to teach us even the basics of economics and finance, let alone entrepreneurship. And it was not their fault, they just grew up in a different kind of society which was modeled in an entirely different fashion, where these skills were not really necessary – the society ‘took care’ of you. You couldn’t learn the basics of entrepreneurship all the way until college and even then this knowledge was limited and presented in an uninspiring way.

And everything that I ever needed to light my fire was contained in this tiny book…

It seems to me that the human kind is missing too much because the simple concepts of financial education are not available for everyone to contemplate on. I do not say that everyone should become an entrepreneur, but everyone should be able to make a choice.

Thank you Mr. Kiyosaki!