Nemanja Aleksic

Growth Engineer at Devana Technologies and ManageWP // Father, husband, blokemon // Stopping pucks and bad business decisions.

Best Teachers of Serbia Award

As Jacques Barzun said “teaching is not a lost art, but a regard for it is a lost tradition”. Sadly this is true and because of this with the foundation Živojin Mišić, founded by Devana Technologies, we are here to support, encourage and show respect for our teachers.

My Two Years in Devana Technologies

Sales, tech support and public speaking – the three things I vowed never to do in my life. My time in Devana Technologies helped me change the way I look at those three things, and life in general. This is my experience with ups and downs of life in Devana.

Careers: Growth Engineer

Growth engineering is not a paint-by-numbers game. It takes a lot of creativity, empathy and analytics to succeed. Do you have what it takes?