Yay, all unit tests passed! credit

After all, we are all human


The universe has a weird sense of humor. Sometimes it is sarcastic, sometimes it is fun, sometimes plain mean.

There comes a point when a founder stops being a founder and starts being a CEO. A good sign this has happened is the emergence of the ‘CEO said’ syndrome.

Later on, another milestone will be reached, the one when the CEO realizes that after all, we are all human.


Yay, all unit tests passed!

Yay, all unit tests passing! credit

Every CEO is different, but what all CEOs of all companies in the world have in common is they will try whatever it is in their power to have the company succeed in its mission, whatever it is.

For us this is difficult as we are competing on a global market with the limited resources we have available. This often means that the stars need to ‘align’ perfectly in order for an effort to succeed, for example a product launch.

For the most part of my professional career I believed that we are in total control of this ‘star alignment’ and just by being smarter, more educated and more productive we can always have things going our way.

Nowadays, not as much any more.

The poster I’ve put on the office wall to remind me that not everything will always go smoothly… But what the heck, at least it is going to be an adventure!

It turns out, that sometimes, no matter how hard your will is, there will be unforeseen forces you will need to fight, that are most likely to prevent you from reaching your goals in the manner you expected.

This is sometimes known as the ‘human factor’ and sometimes even just the ‘random factor’. It will drive you crazy as you will at first think you had it all figured out, and that people just need to do what you had planned. But it turns out it is not what the universe had planned for you at all.

And the universe has a weird sense of humor. Sometimes it is sarcastic, sometimes it is fun, sometimes plain mean. Yep, there are ways you can fight back and mess up with those plans but it usually requires an unbelievable amounts of energy and life force, but you know what – you can’t be doing this your entire life.

This does not mean you should give up, but that sometimes it is OK to give in, to let go, enjoy the adventures of side roads, and embrace the fact that we are all human. Chances are that you will eventually reach your goal either way anyway.